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I do not own stock in Starbucks nor, to my knowledge, in any other company that sells coffee or its accouterments. I last wrote about America’s most popular beverage four years ago, and the latest and largest study to date supports that earlier assessment of  Read More



With coffee all it takes is a whiff to pep you up!

Ah, wake up and smell the coffee...and that's all you may need to do to pep up in the morning, a new study finds. An international group of scientists reports that inhaling the rich, warm aroma of a hot cup of joe....

Smell the Opportunity

Americans drink 330 million cups of coffee every day—much of it on the go. Go cup lids lock in all that liquid, along with coffee’s essential aromas.

Smell The Coffee membrane technology offers:

  •     A better coffee experience for consumers
  •     A unique product feature for go cup and lid manufacturers
  •     A competitive advantage for coffee retailers 

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Kauffman Award

Donít take our word for it. Read why the Kauffman Foundation - the world's largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship - recognized the technology behind Smell The Coffee with a Kauffman Award.

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